Making a move?

Planning ahead for your move will make it less stressful and a more positive experience. Although this is not always possible, here are a few tips and techniques to make your move easier.


  • Looking for a licensed and insured moving company.
  • -Before we make a reservation for you, please find out if your HOA requires you to book loading dock or elevator for moving ins and outs, it will be customers’ responsibilities to make this arrangement and notify us the time slot scheduled.
  • -Also, please find out if your HOA requires you to have the contracted moving company to sign any documents or provide a certificate of insurance prior the move.


  • Call or email us for a free estimate quote. If you wish to proceed with booking, just provide your moving information (e.g. loading address/unloading address/bedroom size/heavy or special items if any, etc.). Then we will make a reservation for you, send you a confirmation after booking, a reminder message will also be sent a day prior to the moving day, and movers will call you before arrival.
  • If you have a PIANO, MASSAGE CHAIR, REFRIGERATOR, SAFE, LARGE MARBLE TABLE, EXERCISE EQUIPMENT or any single item that could be considered excessively heavy (200lbs or more), PLEASE NOTIFY US PRIOR THE MOVE as we will need to send a specialized crew, truck with a lift, & item specific tools.


  • -Movers will bring their own lunches and water.
  • -Fragile items need to be packed well by yourself with wrapping paper.
  • -Computers and other valuable items need to be carried with yourselves, we are not responsible for handling.
  • -We do not carry passengers with our truck; customers need to get to the destination on their own transportation.
  • -Minimize the number of people for the move to ideally 1-2 people only. If you have kids, elderly person, pregnant women, or any vulnerable personnel please try to arrange a room for them to stay or a place to go, or staying inside of the family car during the move.
  • -Make sure that all the items need to move are on the truck before leaving, please do not ignore the garage and patio furniture, or items on the wall.


  • Please take a minute to check our truck to make sure it is free of your belongs, we are not responsible for claims later on stating of any missing items. If you have any questions afterwards, please feel free to contact us at 408-887-8895 or 408-887-8357, email to [email protected].

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