How do I pay the moving fees ?

We take cash or checks.

How is the cost determined for a move ?

The cost is based on how many hours for moving. Sometime, we offer the flat fee too.

How do you calculate the time ?

The time starts at your door and ends upon our completion of your move.

How do you protect my stuff from being damaged ?

How do you protect my stuff from being damaged? We will use the blanket, wrap and tape to cover your furniture to ensure no damage during moving. We provide wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes too.

How should I do to keep the moving fee down ?

Firstly, try your best to pack as much stuff as possible by yourself before moving, because the smaller and loose items often waste a lot of time to move. Secondly, if you move from or to a second or above floor apartment, try to book the elevator, so the mover can use it independently.

Should I tip the mover ?

Yes, it is customary to tip your movers, but it is never obligatory. You should only tip them if they showed professionalism in handling with your belongings and displayed healthy customer service habits.