Commercial Moving Services

As the largest Chinese moving company in the United States, we have nearly ten years of experience in commercial moving. Since our inception, we have provided successful commercial moving services to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a range of quality assurance measures in place to ensure quality services at every detail and stage of the moving process.

We work with customers to formulate complete moving plans, control the cost of the entire moving process with efficient and safe work processes, and reduce the economic burden of customers.

Our Scope of Services:

  • Office and factory relocation
  • Cargo handling for companies and factories
  • Small medical and laboratory moving services
  • Relocation of various educational institutions
  • Hotel relocation
  • Relocation of large and small businesses
  • Office cubicle removal and installation
  • Storage service
  • Artwork, confidential documents, laboratory equipment packaging and handling
  • E-waste recycling/removal services
  • Garbage removal service

Joy Moving Company provides companies and factories with the best handling and warehousing services to meet the needs of customers. When customers need to store their items in our storage facilities, we have the best solution for you. Based on your budget, priorities, needs and schedule, we create a storage plan for you that keeps your items safe.

Our Workflow Is As Follows:

(1) According to the basic information provided by the customer, we conduct site visits for on-site inspections to understand the environmental conditions of your moving-out and moving-in addresses.

(2) Before actual moving starts, we discuss with the customer and determine specific timing and arrangement for each stage.

(3) A project coordinator or manager is assigned to stay in touch and communicate with the customer in a timely manner.

(4) A team of movers is assigned to handle the operation on each site. We will follow the agreed plan in step (2) but be flexible enough to make adjustments based on customer needs to ensure smooth operations in all stages.

Our staff members are professionally trained, whether you are considering moving on a small scale or a major one in multiple stages, our staff will provide efficient and safe services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Mission:

We commit to providing the best service to help our customers move easily and eliminate the psychological burden of customers due to moving.

We make every effort to achieve customer satisfaction. We do our best for our customers!

Our Goal:

No matter the size and scope, simplicity or complexity of a project, we can get it done without impacting your business. Our goal is to help your business transition to a new work environment efficiently and timely within your budget. We accomplish this by hiring the best talents in the industry. We have extensive industry experience, a professional team, and well-trained staff to provide efficient and safe office and industrial moving services.

We provide ongoing training for our employees and bring technology to work. We aim at providing the moving service for you safely and efficiently, minimizing the impact of your relocation.

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